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"Philanthropy World Magazine is known for its quality: print, articles, information, education, and photography. We only use the best photographs and we are very discerning about those that appear in the magazine. Suzanne Burnes of Austin was a fill-in several years ago when I couldn't get my regular, professional photographer to travel to Austin for an important shoot for a high PROFILE philanthropist. My advisory board member from Austin recommended Suzanne Burnes, and I have never regretted that decision. I only wish I could use Suzanne for all my high PROFILE shoots, as she spends the time to find the best location and light to make th best photograph."
"Suzanne Burnes quality of photographs is a great fit for Philanthropy World Magazine, one of the most prestigious and beautiful magazines on the market."
"Suzanne Burnes creates photographs worthy of the importance of the people she shoots."
"If only I had an airline pass to fly Suzanne Burnes around the world to take all of my photographs for Philanthropy World Magazine. The quality of her photographs equals the quality of the people she shoots."

Bob Hopkins
Philanthropy World Magazine
President & Founder